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The attorneys at Michigan Law Centers P.C. are experienced in drafting wills and trusts and probating estates. If you have children, are facing end of life issues, or wish to make business transition plans,a skilled estate and probate lawyer is essential. Our services include assisting with simple or complex estate planning as well as executing the steps involved to probate an estate.

Probate LawyerCreating a will is an absolute necessity for any couple with minor children and guarantees that suitable arrangements are legally in place to care for the children if the need should arise. It also ensures your wishes will be followed explicitly in terms of how your assets are allocated.

A will should be accompanied by a Power of Attorney so that finances and medical care are properly handled by a third party in case of a debilitating injury. A living will or Advance Health Care Directive should be done so as to inform medical care givers what your wishes are in the event that you are incapable of doing so.

Our office can set up a trust for you that will handle long-term distributions of large cash inheritances such as those from life insurance policies. A trust helps to safeguard inheritances from burdensome estate taxes, and protects against costly probate proceedings.

We will work closely with you to analyze your financial and health care situation and fully execute your personal desires to make certain your legal documents represent your wishes.

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A Skilled Probate Lawyer Will Protect Your Interests

The emotions associated with losing a loved one can make it difficult to deal with the subsequent legal matters. In addition, many people find the court-supervised probate process very confusing and costly.We understand that it is not easy dealing with a multitude of legal issues following a death, but Michigan Law Centers can help to keep matters from becoming more difficult than they need to be.

Our goal is to help you resolve your situation efficiently and as quickly as possible. One of our skilled probate lawyers will guide you through the estate administration process so that assets are distributed to the beneficiaries, and the family can move forward. Even in cases where proper estate planning was not done, we can help. We provide families and individuals the legal representation and counsel they need to protect their interests during probate proceedings.

Michigan Law Centers, P.C. has successfully been doing business in the Detroit area for over 25 years and fully understands the complexities of Michigan’s legal system. We specialize in multiple aspects of the law and our fees are very reasonable. Contact us for more information on how to best protect your loved ones with the services of a highly-experienced estate and probate lawyer.

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