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IRS Tax Lawyer

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Need an IRS Tax Lawyer to Stop IRS Collection?

Our firm provides solutions to taxpayers like you who find themselves at odds with the IRS. Your IRS problems are unlike many other problems in your life, which may in fact go away by themselves. IRS PROBLEMS JUST CONTINUE TO GET WORSE AND MORE COSTLY.

We help you by:

  • Filing Old Tax Returns
  • Reducing or eliminating penalties and interest
  • Removing Federal Tax Liens
  • Stopping Bank and Wage Levies
  • Stopping Seizures and Auctions
  • Settling Your Account

With an IRS Tax Lawyer There is a Way Out

IRS Tax Lawyer

There are ways to end IRS problems. When you decide that enough is enough there are options available to you. We can walk you through the IRS maze. We do all of the talking to the IRS. We also handle all the meetings and correspondences with the IRS. Most of our clients never meet with the IRS.

Michigan Law Centers, P.C. has successfully been doing business in the Detroit area for over 25 years and fully understands the complexities of Michigan’s legal system. We specialize in multiple aspects of the law and our fees are very reasonable. Contact us for more information on how we can help you to get fair treatment when you obtain the services of an experienced IRS tax lawyer.

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