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Use a Family Lawyer to Protect Your Interests

Family LawyerAt the Michigan Law Centers, P.C., we have successfully handled family-related and marital legal matters in the Detroit area for over 25 years. Offering personalized and confidential services, we are skilled in issues regarding child support, alimony, adoption,complex property cases, intense custody contests, and special needs cases.Additionally we can help in negotiations of prenuptial agreements as well as the dissolution of a marriage through divorce proceedings. The advice and counsel of a family lawyer can be very important in situations involving civil unions, domestic partnerships,and same-sex marriages. This is especially true when there are children that may be affected.

A Good Family Lawyer Will Protect Your Loved Ones

Our practice covers a multitude of family law issues that you or a loved one may be going through. In the event of a divorce, we understand how critical “the best interests of a child” is in the custody proceedings and all the difficult decisions that must be faced. By using a competent family lawyer, you will be fully aware of the options available to you. Our office also has experience with prosecuting and defending accusations of child abuse and domestic violence. These are extremely serious charges whether they are justified or not, and require the protection of a competent family lawyer who is familiar in that area of Michigan law.

We understand circumstances differ with every case. Our services include carefully listening to your needs, and then using our knowledge and expertise of the law to guide you through the process to find a successful resolution. At Michigan Law Centers, we sincerely believe that the best solutions are generally achieved through negotiated strategies and that the last resort should be a trial. Whatever the outcome, our first priority is to protect your family’s rights.

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Michigan Law Centers, P.C.has successfully been doing business in the Detroit area for over 25 years and fully understands the complexities of Michigan’s legal system. We specialize in multiple aspects of the law and our fees are very reasonable. Contact us to learn how we may be of assistance to you with services from a highly experienced family lawyer.

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