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Children’s Crime

The Second Most Dreaded Phone Call

You are waiting up for your child to return from the school function or social event that they had gone out on. The telephone rings. It is the police. You are informed that your child is in custody for committing a crime. What do you do?

First, thank the officer for calling you. Next, obtain the address where your child is being held and the name of the officer who you are talking too. Ask what your child is charged with. After that politely, but firmly, tell the officer that you insist that your child not be questioned without you present. This is both your child’s and your absolute right! It is absolutely crucial to lay out this ground rule immediately!

Next,  call me to meet you at the station.  I have handled many of these cases and I can tell you in these days when children can be charged as adults, in the discretion of the prosecutor, it is crucial to make sure the case is handled right from the beginning.

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