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Basic Divorce Part II

Basic Property Settlement Law In a divorce, for the most part, the court will split property fifty-fifty. The longer the marriage the more likely this is to occur. However, there are certain exceptions to this. The first is what is excluded by a pre-nuptial agreement. Pre-nuptial agreements will usually be honored. However, they are subject to challenge under duress or fraud arguments. The second exception is what is loosely defined as “separate property”. The shorter the term of the marriage […]

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Bloomfield Hills Lawyer Explains Basic Divorce Concepts

Bloomfield Hills Lawyer Explains Ending Marriage The law recognizes three ways to end a marriage. These are divorce, annulment, and legal separation. An annulment is a finding by a court that a marriage was never legally created. The grounds for this are narrow. In essence the party seeking an annulment must show fraud, a mistake of fact so serious that it might constitute fraud, or failure to consummate the marriage. Legal separation, called divorce from bed and board in Michigan, […]

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Helpful Information On Divorce

Here is a link to a lot of information on getting divorced. I hope it is helpful. Divorce Information.

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