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Stop Debt Collection Abuse!

Don’t Let Them Beat Up Your Mother! I recently settled a suit against a debt collection company because it was calling the client’s mother. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allows debt collectors to call relatives “for the purpose of locating the debtor”. However, in this case the debt collector went too far. After being told that the mother didn’t know where the debtor was the agency then called the mother seven times over a four day period! This was […]

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Bloomfield Hills Lawyer Ends Collection Calls

Bloomfield Hills Lawyer Shares How to End Collection Calls Collection Calls are the most aggravating and annoying thing that exist. I have had clients come to me reduced to tears over them. Fortunately there is a way to bring these to a screeching halt with minimal legal fees! The key is being represented by an attorney. Believe it or not debt collectors are regulated by law. The reason you probably don’t believe it is because they routinely ignore the law. […]

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