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Children’s Crime

The Second Most Dreaded Phone Call You are waiting up for your child to return from the school function or social event that they had gone out on. The telephone rings. It is the police. You are informed that your child is in custody for committing a crime. What do you do? First, thank the officer for calling you. Next, obtain the address where your child is being held and the name of the officer who you are talking too. […]

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Basic Divorce Part II

Basic Property Settlement Law In a divorce, for the most part, the court will split property fifty-fifty. The longer the marriage the more likely this is to occur. However, there are certain exceptions to this. The first is what is excluded by a pre-nuptial agreement. Pre-nuptial agreements will usually be honored. However, they are subject to challenge under duress or fraud arguments. The second exception is what is loosely defined as “separate property”. The shorter the term of the marriage […]

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IRS Problems

A Continuing Headache IRS problems have a way of ruining all aspects of your life. They take a toll on you financially, physically, and emotionally. You can never really forget about them because they come back every morning when you wake up. If you have IRS problems over unpaid taxes, penalties, liens, levies, warrants, seizures, etc. I can help. Please call me for a free consultation at (248) 432-1612.

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Stop Debt Collection Abuse!

Don’t Let Them Beat Up Your Mother! I recently settled a suit against a debt collection company because it was calling the client’s mother. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allows debt collectors to call relatives “for the purpose of locating the debtor”. However, in this case the debt collector went too far. After being told that the mother didn’t know where the debtor was the agency then called the mother seven times over a four day period! This was […]

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A Good Deal

A Successful Traffic Ticket Defense My client was charged with failure to yield when she ran a stop sign and hit another driver. The client had a clean record. Because of the accident the authorities were initially unwilling to deal. However, when it was pointed out that the defendant stopped, admitted to liability, and didn’t give the officer any trouble it was agreed that the defendant deserved a break. The problem was points. Being unable to find a moving violation […]

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Chapter 7

What is Chapter 7? Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy require payment plans. Chapter 7 cases do not. In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the Bankrupt debtors turn over all of their assets to the trustee who sells them and turns them into cash. Theoretically, if the trustee obtained $1,000.00 in cash from sale of assets, and the debtor had $10,000.00 in debt, each creditor would get ten cents on the dollar. In business cases this is exactly how it works. However in cases involving people the trustee is […]

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Business Organization

How Well Is Your Business Organized? The number one mistake I have seen small businesses make is to not pay attention to how they are organized. Failure to do so can have a significant impact on liability, taxes, and the ability to transfer the business by sale or inheritance. Small businesses have the option of operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, c corporation, s corporation or limited liability company. Are you confused yet? A sole proprietorship confers no liability protection, […]

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Don’t Need a Will?

Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Will Done Don’t get a will done if you have children and you don’t care who their guardian is. Don’t get a will done if you don’t care if your daughter doesn’t get your grandmother’s pearl necklace. Don’t get a will done if you want your relatives to fight over your antiques. Don’t get a will done if you don’t want to make it clear that a certain relative is excluded from your […]

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Basic Probate Law

A Primer On Basic Probate Law There is a tired cliche that says that the only things that are certain are death and taxes. Given the certainty of death the law has from ancient times recognized that death causes struggles over the ownership of property of the deceased and has developed a variety of systems to handle these. The first of these systems is called intestacy. Intestacy occurs when a person dies without a will. In this instance property is […]

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A Simple Case?

Be Wary of Misdemeanor Charges The temptation to think of misdemeanor charges as being minor, and not worthy of the attention of a criminal lawyer, is great. Do not fall into this trap! Even if the charge is minor the punishment may not be. Some misdemeanors can land you in jail for up to a year! If you are on probation or parole already a misdemeanor conviction can mean a violation of those terms – and a trip back to […]

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