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A Simple Case?

Be Wary of Misdemeanor Charges

The temptation to think of misdemeanor charges as being minor, and not worthy of the attention of a criminal lawyer, is great. Do not fall into this trap!

Even if the charge is minor the punishment may not be. Some misdemeanors can land you in jail for up to a year! If you are on probation or parole already a misdemeanor conviction can mean a violation of those terms – and a trip back to prison or to jail for the new violation on the old charges. When you get done with this you may end up serving your time for the misdemeanor conviction afterward.

There are also issues involving forfeiture of money or property, loss of drivers or professional licenses, or jobs. An alien can be deported under certain circumstances.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense talk with a criminal attorney who is experienced with handling misdemeanors. For a free consultation with an experienced criminal misdemeanor attorney in Bloomfield Hills call (248) 432-1612.